Boisson Bottle Shop
Los Angeles 

Studio Paul Chan has designed a contemporary space for the non-alcoholic bottle shop Boisson’s first store in Los Angeles. Inspired by Wes Anderson’s French Dispatch and Maison de Verre by Pierre Chareau, the studio aimed to create a space that infuses a sense of tradition with the new, somewhat surreal experience of selecting a non-alcoholic bottle of wine.

The layered narrative mixes artisanal materials with machine-made elements, creating a conceptual parallel between non-alcoholic drinks and traditional wine. Stained wood wall panels with Deco-inspired fixtures stand in front of dusty emerald green lime wash walls, bringing order and cadence to the space. The walnut-stained wood panels lend scale to the high-ceilinged space and create a dialogue between natural and machine-made elements when juxtaposed with thin metal shelves.

The store’s reception area features a custom glass block cash wrap that glows gently, attracting the passerby to enter the store. The cash wrap is made of steel structured infilled with hundreds of glass blocks, creating a warm ambient scene reminiscent of Maison de Verre. Sensual curves of the Pipistrello Table Lamp by Gae Aulenti punctuate the cash wrap and bring a sense of warmth and organic lines to contrast with the straight lines and architectural elements in the space.

“There is delight in using the ordinary in extraordinary ways, and I like the element of surprise. Light and shadow can become materials too and as if by magic, heavy things can become unexpectedly weightless.” 

Project Team
Paul Chan
Alexander Abugov  

Millwork Team
Will Carlson
Dave Kretschmer

Ye Rin Mok
Avery Klein